The New Standard in the Wood Industry: Shuttle Bunker Systems

Eliminating Downtime with Hightech


Modular and Flexible

The Story Behind the Future

"Christian, we need to talk," said a familiar voice on the phone at the beginning of 2019.
It was one of my long-standing customers from the wood industry.
"Costs are exploding and we’re losing customers."
What was the problem? It was the chain conveyor of his wet-chip bunker that caused trouble.
There were repeated failures because in the top bunker layer OSB strands were destroyed, rakes bent or broken.
Moreover, due to this problem and to avoid such unwanted interruptions, his bunker system was operated with just 60% to 70% utilization.
So we needed a solution, fast.
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Head of Business Unit Wood

Christian Müller

I will be happy to answer your questions about our conveying-technology solutions for the wood industry.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our conveyor technology solutions for the wood industry.
"Why not replace the raking system with shuttle belts, which we already use successfully in the sugar industry for filling processes?
Yes, why not?"
Said and done.
The rest of the story: That very same year, the solution was ready for use, allowing our customer to order two 475m³ shuttle bunkers for his plant.

He even ordered two more shuttle bunkers for new projects.

Our customer is happy, and so are his customers.
Not only am I very glad about this –  it’s the growing demand for our groundbreaking solution that makes me happy, too.
Head of Business Unit Wood

Christian Müller

Ich beantworte Ihnen gerne alle Fragen zu
unseren Fördertechnik-Lösungen für die Holzindustrie.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our conveying technology solutions for the wood industry.

The Innovation

Spreading instead of Raking: 2-Way Shuttle Belt

Wet-Chip-Bunker Revolution
In our patented system, we eliminate the conventional raking system entirely. This significantly decreases the risk of breakdowns, wear and tear, while reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum.
Our groundbreaking shuttle-belt system for wet-chip bunkers is operated without components that often cause unexpected failures, and costs resulting thereof.
Moreover, this material-friendly process prevents damage to OSB strands – in contrast to raking systems with a 5% waste production.
Additional benefits include:
100% bunker utilization (in contrast to approx. 60% to 70% with raking systems)
Bent or broken rakes are no longer an issue.
Significant reduction of downtime
Minimization of labor-intensive service and repairs
Significantly higher plant efficiency

Three Solutions for Your Future

Retro-Fit Bunker

A cost-effective option to simply upgrade your existing system to the latest technology.

High-Efficiency Bunker

The cost-optimized bunker for maximum performance and reliability.

Smart Bunker

The flagship among our bunker systems with cutting-edge technologies, while reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Smart-Bunker Dashboard:

We now offer our digital dashboard for each of our systems, providing all plant data at a glance.
Convenient and clear overview.

"Our mission: Eliminating Downtime"

"Our mission: Eliminating  Downtime"

Managing Director AMF-Bruns
Jan Woltermann

Hightech made in Germany

Our Smart Solution Components

”Depending on tasks and requirements regarding your project, we will deliver your solution tailored to your specific needs.”
To the Configurator
2-Way Shuttle
Core innovation ensures a smooth and maintenance-free operation of your bunker.
Lidar Laser Technology
Maximum bunker volume without congestion? We solved this problem with our laser technologies.
Radar Level sensor
Measuring fill levels? We solved this problem as well.
Automatic Lubrication Systems
They contribute to a significant reduction of maintenance requirements and costs.
Maintenance Station
The 2-way shuttle can be moved into a maintenance position, which is ideal for efficient maintenance.
Digital scales
Weigh your bulk goods precisely for more efficient filling.
Remote Monitoring System
Do you need help and don't want to wait for a service team to come? Benefit from our remote monitoring system and service.
Future-Proof Invest
We guarantee continuous innovation and development for the next 60 years.


One hour of downtime causes damage of up to EUR 20,000.

Downtime causes damage

System comparison with sample calculation for 20 years

Conventional systems:
A weakness of conventional chain conveyor systems in wet-chip bunkers are long downtimes due to the replacement of chains every two years.
In addition, there are around five unplanned breakdowns per year, which interrupt the production process.
These inefficiencies add up to significant costs, which looks very bad on the balance sheet.
Conventional systems:
- chain replacement every 2 years - duration: 3 days with 6 fitters needed
- 6 unplanned breakdowns, * 3 days downtime each
- Replacement of 5 rakes per breakdown
Maintenance and energy costs: EUR 4,170,800*
Loss of sales: EUR 6,075,000*
Total Amount: EUR 10,245,800*
The AMF-Bruns Shuttle-Bunker System:
The strength of the AMF-Bruns Shuttle-Bunker System lies in its reliability and cost efficiency.
Belt changes are only necessary every five years and the risk of breakdowns due to defective rakes is eliminated.
This reduction in maintenance work and unplanned downtime leads to considerable financial savings.
AMF Bruns Shuttle-Bunker System:
- Belt replacement - duration: 8h, every 5 years
- Failures: no failures due to bent or broken rakes
Maintenance and energy costs: EUR 906,240*
Loss of sales: EUR 675,000*
Total Amount: EUR 1,581,240**
Savings: EUR 8,664,560*
* calculated for a 20-year life cycle of your system. We will be happy to provide a detailed calculation on request and adapt it to your environment.

The New Standard in the Wood Industry: Shuttle-Bunker Systems

The efficiency miracle conquers the wood industry.


Service for the Wood Industry

Fast, accurate and exactly to your requirements

On request, we will plan, design and construct your conveyor technology.

We will begin with a thorough inspection on site, using a 3D- scanner technology for measuring the environment of the planned system.

In order to implement our customers' ideas and requirements, we rely on modern, computer-based 3D CAD-planning using "Solid Works". That way, every single detail of the system can be planned with millimeter accuracy.

We work with the same precision in our production: at our headquarters in Northern Germany, lean processes, advanced technology and certified quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ensure that every new conveyor system by AMF-Bruns meets the highest standards of performance, process reliability and cost effectiveness.
AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG
There is an after-sales team just for our customers in the wood industry at your disposal – a team of competent, committed employees who have been familiar with the requirements of the international wood industry for many years.

Innovative solutions

How we will proceed together

Customers from all over the world rely on the high-performance and innovative systems by AMF-Bruns. This is how we work together.
Find out what suits you best. Easy and fast.
Individual advice
Our professional team will support and advise you in your planning process.
3D Scan
We use laser technology to scan the site to ensure 100% accuracy.
We use innovative methods to create simulations.
Amortization calculation
We will calculate exactly whether and how your investment will pay off.
Solution Proposal
Considering all relevant factors, we will suggest a tailor-made solution.
Installation & Assembly
Our specially-trained installation team ensures a trouble-free and smooth installation.
Commissioning & On-Site Training
Our team will support you on site with the commissioning of your system and instruct you.
Remote Service
We won't leave you alone. Thanks to our 24/7 remote service, there will always be somebody to support you.

Talk to us

We are there for you.

Managing Director AMF-Bruns

Jan Woltermann

Do you have any questions, challenges or would you like to know what else we are currently working on? I will be happy to answer your questions personally.
Head of Wood Business Unit

Christian Müller

I love complex challenges. Feel free to contact me if you are thinking of taking your system to the next level.
Head of Innovation & Development

Philipp Haag

"There's no such thing as impossible.”

Customer references

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Innovative solutions

Quality Meets Customer Centricity

Customers from all over the world rely on the high-performance and innovative conveyor systems by AMF-Bruns.

Global success

Our references

Whether in China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, or Europe – AMF-Bruns caters worldwide for the specific needs of customers by creating tailored solutions. For references and insights into remarkable projects in the wood and sugar industries as well as green technology, please look at our references.

Configure your solution now.

Whether Retro Fit or new bunker  – we are by your side from planning to commissioning and quality management as well as subsequent maintenance.
To the configurator

Always up to date

Latest news

Robotics – the Future of Production

In the dynamic world of industrial manufacturing and material handling, efficiency and accuracy in production also play an important role.
Computer-aided manufacturing systems are the invisible heroes that ensure smooth processes - particularly in times of skilled-labor shortage.
Robotics, therefore, provides valuable support in production.
It enables us to achieve better production quality even with complex geometries, while reducing production times.

Virtual Factory Tour and Simulation

At AMF-Bruns, we use the latest simulation technology and 3D scanning to give our customers a first impression prior to the completion of the actual project.
This also allows us to better calculate dimensions.
That’s also important for the integration of new systems into the existing environment.

Research & Development takes System Sensor Technology to the Next Level

To enable our customers to work with state-of-the-art technology, we rely on innovative sensor technology:
• Knowing in advance when the lifetime of wear parts ends
• Detecting of anomalies in the process at an early stage
• Knowing which product and how much of it is being conveyed or stored in your system.
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For what bunker size should you no longer use raking systems?
We recommend that you don’t use them for volumes >300 m³.
What are the requirements for the electrical infrastructure needed to operate the bunker?
AMF-Bruns supplies the complete electrical system for the operation and the control of your bunker, which is integrated into the existing infrastructure.
Can every wet-chip bunker really be upgraded with the Retro Fit?
We will check that out with you on your premises.
Does the system work fully automatically?
Yes, the system is designed for fully automatic operation.
What is the maximum fill level that can be achieved with the Shuttle-Bunker System?
Thanks to the patented AMF Shuttle-Belt System, a 100% fill level can be achieved.
What bunker volume can be realized with the AMF Shuttle-Bunker System?
Thanks to the modular design, bunker volumes of up to 700m³ can be achieved.
Will the static of my system be strong enough for the Retro fit?
We will conduct thorough calculations for that.

Uncomplicated and fast

Contact information


Do you have general questions about our offers, a specific product or our industry solutions? Our team will be happy to answer your questions personally.
AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG
Hauptstraße 101
26689 Apen

Sustainability – More than a Word
Many of our systems have been running for more than 40 years.

High-Quality Materials

To ensure the longevity of your systems, we use high-quality materials.

Material-Friendly Processes

Thanks to the revolutionary Shuttle-Belt System, there is less wear and tear as well as material failure.

Saving of Resources

Saving of Resources

Longer maintenance intervals and saving of resources through material-friendly processes.

65% Energy Self- Sufficiency

Thanks to our photovoltaic system, we produce 65% of our energy ourselves.

Green Electricity & Gas

We only purchase green electricity and gas.

CO2 Footprint of our Production

All our production is already routinely optimized for sustainability and resource conservation.